How to Update XAMPP?

Upgrade XAMPP
Upgrade XAMPP

As  XAMPP is one of the best options to develop your sites  or applications at your own PC. This is best for beginners as well as professionals. Also the speed of your work/developing is the highest.

XAMPP is updated regularly. The newer and updated version contains the latest versions of all features that come with the package. This is one the best features of XAMPP. PHP, SQL data base server, Apache server etc have the latest versions in the updated XAMPP.

Why You Should Updated XAMPP?

WordPress sites consist of 35% market share of all websites. Therefore if you are working on a WordPress site, so wordpress, its extensions, PHP, databases systems etc get updated. And if you are using an older version of XAMPP then if you try to update your work it might stop working. Therefore you need to be up to date. Your older version may work but the plugins may not work for you. That is the time, when you need to update or upgrade your XAMPP.

Updating XAMPPP will solve your all problems as all other features will updated with it auto.

How to update?

There is no button for updating XAMPP. So you will have to update it manually.

Steps you need to follow are as:

Backup Files

Simply go to htdocs folder and copy the folders and files in the directory and save them on another location of your PC.

You may access htdocs by typing for by-default settings.


Eport databases

To export databases follow these steps:

  • Open XAMPP
  • Click on Admin next to in the row of MySQL
  • In databases choose all
  • Click on Ezport tab anb then
  • Click on GO

That’s it, your database has been exported.

Uninstall old XAMPP

Go to control panel and uninstall XAMPP by choosing not to keep htdocs as you have exported and backuped your files.

Download and install new version

Download XAMPP version that is needed for you. Then install on your PC.

Import database

After setting your limits etc now its time to import the database as:

  • Go to admin
  • Click on Import
  • Select the file that you have exported earlier
  • The GO


You have updated XAMPP perfectly. Enjoy

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